Fantasies & Memories Digital Download

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Fantasies & Memories Digital Download


An album of cinematic, piano-based instrumental music.

We live in an ever-changing world, arguably changing faster and more dramatically than at any other point in history. Some people take change in stride, while others feel the inevitable loss that comes alongside change and try to cling on to what they can.

At age 27 and recently married, I find myself simultaneously excited for the future and nostalgic over the people and places that have changed so much over the years. It’s so easy to be caught up in the busy-ness of today’s world, and I often stop and wonder “how on earth did I get here?”

In this album, I invite you to retreat back into your childhood and encounter the joy, innocence and adventure that are frequently shoved aside by adult life. While music offers temporary relief from life’s difficulties, I’m not inviting you to run away from them; rather, to experience the harsh realities of day-to-day life through the lens of beauty.

I am so very thankful to the wonderful musicians who gave their time and talents to this project - Dusty Moon, Yasmin Khaleghi, Annie Bender, Mikala Schmitz, Andy McCauley, Simon Jay, and Luke Shrestha. You have made this album come to life in such a beautiful way. A very big thank you to my good friend Mark Winterlin, whose fantastic photography made this album a visual art piece in addition to a sonic one.

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All songs composed and arranged by Ryan Whyman

Recorded at Moonpeople Studios, Los Angeles, CA and Robert Irving Studios, Los Angeles, CA

Mixed by Dusty Moon

Mastered by Zino Mikeroy Mastering

Photography and Album Art by Mark Winterlin

Vocals - Yasmin Khaleghi

Violin - Annie Bender

Cello - Mikala Schmitz

Piano/ Accordion - Ryan Whyman

Bass - Andy McCauley

Drums - Dusty Moon

Mix & Recording Engineer - Dusty Moon

Production - Dusty Moon* & Ryan Whyman

*Production on Days Gone By, Nostalgia, and Eulogy

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