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Since the beginning of Ryan Whyman’s musical journey at age six, it has been obvious that he has a unique musical gift. Since performing his first composition for his second grade classmates, he has yet to stop touching people’s hearts with original music inspired by diverse styles and traditions. Whyman’s imaginative and emotionally compelling compositions and orchestrations left one audience member so moved after a performance he told Ryan that listening to them, “makes me want to be a better nurse.”

Whyman’s award-winning musical projects have ranged from The Whyman Project, a chamber jazz ensemble which he himself performed in, to compositions for choir and orchestra to a collaboration with internationally renowned rapper, poet and spoken word artist Watsky. These varied ensembles give a sense of the many influences that make Whyman’s art so special; though it blends many genres, his musical voice is the common thread that weaves his repertoire into a connected whole.

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About the album:

Whyman’s latest album, Fantasies & Memories, draws from his feelings about the modern world to create a powerful meditation on happiness and anticipation as well as nostalgia and longing. Newly married and in his late twenties, Ryan finds the underlying joy and beauty in the sometimes overwhelmingly complex mix of emotions brought about by the rapidly evolving world, both his own and the one we all share.

Fantasies & Memories, in the artist’s own words, invites listeners to “experience the often harsh realities of day to day life through the lens of beauty.” Whyman’s music makes this possible through use of captivating melodies and arrangements, whether they be inspired by lo-fi hip hop, aided expertly by bassist Andy McCauley and drummer/producer/engineer Dusty Moon, or in his evocatively picturesque compositions using the ethereal voice of Yasmin Khaleghi and the beautiful blend and tone of cellist Mikala Schmitz and violinist Annie Bender. Indeed, Whyman’s biggest complaint when listening to an album is lack of diversity, so it should come as no surprise that his own albums remedy that issue in a meaningful way.

It is through his singularly unifying musical voice that he creates an atmosphere where we may allow the myriad disconnected pieces that make up our “harsh realities” to take on a less menacing appearance and remind us that underneath them lies an innocence and joy that it is never too late to connect with.


Release Date: May 14

Release Concert:

May 14, 7:30 PM, ArtShare LA


+1 (714) 310-7299