'Prayer' Album Storm-braining pt. 2

I was perusing my list of prospective compositions to write for this album, and I thought to myself - how the heck am I gonna capture the stories, emotions, deep tragedy, and heart of God surrounding each of these pieces? People devote their entire lives to exploring each one of these topics. Sure, I could write a piece that sounds like it's written for children affected by war, but I truly believe that for the music to be transformative, effectively reflecting the passions and stories behind every piece, I myself need to delve deep into each issue, hear the stories, experience the pain and the joys behind each piece, and then write from a place of true empathy and keen awareness.

For that reason, I have chosen to devote one month (still such a short amount of time) to researching and listening to the stories of those each piece relates to. And I'll be sure to share my findings!