'Prayer' Album Storm-braining

As evidenced by current events, the world is a troubled place with many broken and hurting people. As I've grown up, I've come to realize that I have been given much so I can give much. Music, especially, is one of the most beautiful, transportive, heart-warming gifts that we can experience. It communicates from the depths of the heart what cannot be expressed in words. I

n this next album project of mine, I'd like to explore using my musical gifts as a prayer for the things that are oppressing humankind the most. I've come up with a rough track list, which will likely change over the next several months. Take a look below.

1) Image of God
2) Children of War
3) Refugee
4) Peace.
5) Lament (for minority people groups of Southeast Asia)
6) Reconciliation
7) Cancer (My Chemical Romance cover)
8) My Country Tis of Thee
9) Root of Evil / Hearts to Give
10) Cry of the Earth
11) My Father's World