Social media is full of them. Which isn't a bad thing necessarily... it's great that we can consider the issues that affect society, formulate an educated opinion about them, and stand in solidarity with the rest of Facebook-land in condemning or affirming whatever it is we're condemning/affirming.

However, I've noticed that it's quite easy to post my justice-minded thoughts, music, prayers, etc. and not so easy to actually do anything. I'm sure many people can relate.

The question that I've asked myself frequently while researching and composing for this album is this: how does this music, research, money involved, etc. actually benefit those for whom the album is a prayer for?

As I figure that out, I've decided to step up my game. While I do believe my music can be a real blessing to others, I also need to be doing practical things that really help make a difference. Like calling Senators to vocalize support for the DREAM act, and giving blood to help victims in Las Vegas.


In thinking on these things, I wrote a song!

Practice what you preach, That saying has stood the test of time
Exposing stationary crime and proven difficult to me.
It’s far too easy to watch, watch and point out all the wrong
but oh it makes you feel so strong, though you’ve done nothing all along.
We live in a world of noisy thoughts,  surrounded by a sea of right
opinions thirteen reasons why you better change your life,
But when you come up for air,  there’s only ever condemnation
never any affirmation always easier to point!

Practice what you preach another radical revolution,
Always have the right solution, yes I’ve heard it all before.
But how many people read this go “Aha I need to change this!”
New awakening of the masses and they gather round for more!
But the wolrd doesn’t function off a bunch of super humans
And in fact they cause the problems just like everybody else.
The world needs a savior yes but you are not the savior
You won’t change their behavior by preaching to the choir!

And so above all the congestion, I ask myself the question:
If my life were a novel, what would my story tell?
If my life were a novel, what would my story tell?

Practice what you preach! It’s so much easier to preach!
With a burst of pride and passion and synthetic self-esteem,
You rush to the front-lines to inflict the foe with wisdom,
As you spread your holy kingdom and set everything to right.
And now you’re part of the family, whole community of believers that don’t
care to know the beautifully written story in the book behind the
face that waves it’s finger at the world outside the door that never
opens while you echo heartfelt pleas to feed the poor.

But man it feels good to believe!
Man it feels good to believe…
And so I ask the question, while coming forward in confession:
If my life were a novel, what would my story tell?
If my life were a novel, what would my story tell?

Practice what you preach! Behind the sermon, there’s a person,
Not encompassing solution, but a vibrant soul to reach.
What if no one ever preached, only listened and responded
With silent forward motion and sincere humanity.