Ryan Whyman is a gifted pianist and composer with a diverse array of influences. At age 6 he began studying classical piano with world renowned Sofia Zukerman and developed a passion for improvisation from an early age. As Ryan grew older, his classical piano skills quickly expanded into the jazz realm, as well as the realms of pop, rock, and assorted other genres. His musicianship and versatility has led playing regularly at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, performing in a production of Les Miserábles in the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts in Anchorage, Alaska, playing in ensembles of all shapes and sizes around Southern California, and many other opportunities. 

Ryan's compositional skills go hand in hand with his improvisational abilities, as he possesses a never-ending stream of musical ideas at his fingertips. Whether it be a film, TV show, commercial, video game, web series, or other media form, Ryan can provide a creative addition that will be sure to enhance any project. Although he loves to experiment outside of the box and is constantly expanding his musicality, Ryan is very flexible and easygoing. He is an extremely diverse composer and has experience writing for short films, commercials, web series, and TV pilots of all genres. 

In addition to media composition, Ryan writes for a variety of ensembles for live performance. Currently he is composing and arranging for The Whyman Project, which features a string quartet and a jazz rhythm section. He also loves giving improvised solo concerts, often with audience participation. For a list of upcoming performances, click here.